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About Rogue Valley Krav Maga

Southern Oregon's first real IDF-style Krav Maga school

David Cunningham is proud to bring Krav Maga training to southern Oregon with the Rogue Valley Krav Maga Center in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon.  In a continued effort to let people experience Krav Maga, Mr. Cunningham is one of only a handfull of certified Krav Maga instructors in southern Oregon and the only Krav Maga school between Salem and Redding.  We are the only Krav Maga school in Oregon offering training classes in Krav Maga for law enforcement, security, and Krav Maga for civilians.  He was blessed to have been taught and certified by one of the world's foremost Krav practitioners and Instructor Certifiers, Laurian Lapadatu.  Mr. Lapadatu is a Canadian resident who frequently travels to the United States for work training instructors.  Since training with Mr. Lapadatu, the school has obtained certification and licensure under the Krav Maga Worldwide organization.


Rogue Valley Krav Maga system teaches a modern and progressive-thinking self-defense system designed to address and defend against present day street assaults and confrontations. It also aims to answer the need for a practical and simple way of self-defense, particularly for security and law enforcement officers, as well as for civilians who want to learn practical self-defense skills against any type of assaults.

It is a simple, realistic, easy to learn, and an extremely efficient self-defense system. Our system is based upon realistic responses to assaults and seeks to help the practitioner to properly react and respond to threats and learn how to disengage from the situation, leave the scene as fast as possible, or place him/herself to be in a position of advantage against the attacker.

The core foundation of our Rogue Valley Krav Maga system is based upon the military and Krav experience of its founders. This curriculum was developed, collaboratively, by a group of instructors from different Krav organizations.  Rogue Valley Krav Maga is the only dedicated Krav Maga school south of Portland, north of the bay area.  The emphasis of this Krav Maga system was to make this system simple, easy to learn, realistic in response, and practical for everyone. What we do is bring team work and a sense of family to those that practice this self-defense system with us.

ROGUE VALLEY KRAV MAGA - Contact us for class information
 Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of modern krav maga
What is Krav Maga


The Krav Maga symbol consists of the Hebrew letters K and M surrounded by an open circle because the system is open to improvement by adding techniques, exercises, and training methods.


"Good things can continue to flow into the system and flawed exercises can flow out." -- Immrich (Immi) Lichtenfeld, the Grand Master of Krav Maga


History of Krav Maga

Krav Maga was developed by Czechoslovakian-born Immi Lichtenfeld, a champion heavyweight boxer, an expert in Ju-Jitsu and Judo as well as a dancer and trapeze acrobat. Imi's family was forced to emigrate, eventually landing in what was then Palestine and is now known as Israel.


Soon after the Israeli state was established in 1948, Imi was asked to develop a system of fighting and self-defense for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Imi carefully refined Krav Maga during his career as chief instructor of hand to hand combat for the IDF. Beginning with special forces units like the Haganah, Palmack, and Palyam, Krav Maga became the official combatives training for all military personnel, Israeli police and security forces. Faced with the task of preparing both fit and out-of-shape soldiers, Imi developed a comprehensive system that relied on simple, instinctive moves rather than rigid techniques requiring years of training.

Krav Maga Force Total Officer Protection Program
Krav Maga for LE and Security


Our LE/Security Krav Maga course is one of the best and most effective self defense systems designed for Police Departments, Security Agencies and Government Agents.


Mr. Cunningham is a professional "Use-Of-Force" instructor and has been a law enforcement Field Training Officer while employed as a police officer, and is currently a law enforcement trainer for departments nationwide. 

We are aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement in today's environment of civil unrest and we are constantly updating our program with use-of-force experts to provide efficient and effective, low-liability response utilizing time-tested Krav Maga techniques for use of reasonable force.

Our main focus is to keep your officers safe when they enter a violent encounter. We also provide  tactical skills and training that allows officers to respond quickly with the correct skill set and allows them to apply the correct force option under critical stress.

The program is also designed to train large numbers of personnel at one time in a short period of time.  There are only 2 Educational Levels, consisting of 4 – 5 Days each. To further accommodate you, we can combine these two courses into a 1 week course of 10 hours each day.  This way, your officers and department will save travel time and money.

Email us and we will contact you within the next 24 hours

Krav Maga Law Enforcement/Security Certification Program main sectors:

• Mind Set and Awareness
• Threat perception
• Duty to Act Vs. No Duty to Act
• Combat Fitness (Punching, Kicking and combative

• Self-Defense
• Defense Against Pistol and Rifle Threats
• Defense Against Objects
• Defense Against Long Weapons Attacks
• Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Application
• Arrest and Control Tactics
• Searching and Handcuffing
• Pistol and Rifle Retention in all manners
• Hostage Situations
• Special Operations


Main Krav LE/Security Course Characteristics:

  • Simplicity

  • High retention with minimal review and practice

  • Efficient and practical techniques learned

  • Developing the reaction of using the appropriate level of force without hesitation under critical-stress situations

If you are interested in professional Krav Maga training for your department, please contact us

KRAV MAGA LE - Contact us for class information

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