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Our Rogue Valley Krav Maga facility is located at 411 N. Front Street in downtown Central Point right next to the Rogue Creamery.  Our 2,000 sf building is perfect for all types of courses and programs we offer.  Come in and see our beautiful facility.  You'll be greeted by friendly staff in a comfortable environment.  We offer a variety of Krav Maga training gear and clothing available for purchase.



You'll be greeted by friendly staff to answer questions about our programs, to get signed up, or to purchase gear for your training.

We offer a fully stocked energy drink and food supplement bar for use prior to and after strenuous routines.  We offer a wide variety of Krav Maga Worldwide uniforms, training and protective gear, gloves, shorts, and shirts as well.

Our staff is available to make you feel at home and to support you in your decision to train with us.

The Instructor

Rogue Valley Krav Maga is proud to introduce you to David Cunningham, our lead trainer and instructor.  His expertise in Krav Maga along with his experience and licensing in other areas is unparalleled in this state.  Mr. Cunningham is a level 3 Krav Maga instructor and Instructor-Certifier.  He is also a 3rd degree black belt instructor at a local martial arts school.  He is a former Law Enforcement Field Training Officer.  His training is perfect for law enforcement and security teams.  This photo is David Cunningham receiving his first Krav Maga Instructor Certificate several years ago from his first instructor, Laurian Lapadatu while in Arizona.  Mr. Cunningham has since moved on with the Krav Maga Worldwide organization. 


Mr. Cunningham is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor and also trains law enforcement all over the country and certifies security teams all over  the State of Oregon.

Training Space


Rogue Valley Krav Maga provides a wonderful 1,200 s.f., 2-sided training area with mirrors to work on progress and techniques and a full wall of heavy bags, a chin-up/pull-up bar, movable Wavemasters, Bobs, body shields, hand and forearm shields, and prop training weapons for serious training.

Rogue Valley Krav Maga also offers sit-down training space for seated classes and for students that wish to participate in other varied courses offered through our parent company.  In addition to our TOP (Total Police Protection) Krav Maga programs for law enforcement, we offer LE continuing education courses.

Event Rental Space


The building is available for rent for birthday parties, potluck dinners, business meetings, and other events with a maximum number of 49 attendees.  Rental includes tables and chairs for 49, the use of a full kitchen with refrigerator, sinks, and bathroom with full shower.

Rental of the entire facility is $50.00/Hr with a 4-hour minimum and a $150.00 cleaning fee.  Rental of the facility for more than 4 hours will require a $250.00 cleaning fee.  The building can be rented based on availability. 

Contact us for your event!


Phone Hours:


9:00 am-8:30 pm

Doors Open at 5:30 Mon-Fri for classes

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Rogue Valley Krav Maga

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