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Rogue Valley Krav Maga Membership Programs

We have your membership.  Rogue Valley Krav Maga membership programs from $99.00/month.  If you want to learn krav maga, we have the program that fits your schedule.  Whether your schedule is tight giving you only a few days a week to devote to your training, or it gives you total freedom to spend multiple days a week in training, we have what you need. 

Train Free For a Week

Unlimited classes for a whole week.  Start any time you like.  Don't worry, there is no catch, no gimmicks, no special arrangements.  Sign up and start training.  You'll want to experience krav maga first hand to see how effective it is.  Simply come in and sign up for your free week.

Classes will be basic beginning style courses and will include weapons defense.


Unlimited training for $125.00/month.  No long-term contract.  Best for those who don't wish to commit to our full-service Agreement due to a constantly changing work or family schedule.

$99/month with short-term month-to-month agreement.  Signup fee of $99 includes school shirt and pants for uniform requirement.

Annual Agreement

Unlimited training for $65.00/month for your first year with an annual commitment.  Low-cost annual Agreement.  Best value for those who are serious about their training.  After 1 year, your cost goes up to $85/month.  Requires non-cancelable 12 month Agreement.  Ask about our signup specials!

Signup fee of $49 includes school shirt and pants for uniform requirement.



Our most popular fitness and cardio-combatives class.

Classes will be cardio-involved with focus on stamina, strength, and weight loss.  For men and women over the age of 12.  Join now and feel better than you ever have before.  Get fit.  Be in the best shape of your life.  Real krav maga defense built into this high-intensity hour-long workout.  No signup fee.

$65/month with annual agreement

Women's Rape Prevention
And Self Defense Program


Varying-length Program - This progressive program starts on week one with beginning techniques and moves fluidly into proper self-defense, situational awareness, then into a dynamic pattern of hard work to develop self-esteem, power, and technique that could save you life.  Classes will be focused on defense and escape for women ages 14 and up.  We will be running defensive techniques focusing on eyes, groin, joints, and bones teaching how to escape quickly using unorthodox techniques that involve pain and disablement.  This course is based on competency by repetition.

Adult Power Package*


Package includes embroidered Krav Maga school cap, 2 pair Krav Maga school pants, 2 Krav Maga school t-shirts, 1 pair Krav Maga fight shorts, training gun, training knife, signup fee, and one month unlimited membership.  Membership will be with unlimited annual Agreement at $99/mo with an additional *12 monthly payments in a non-cancelable annual Agreement.  This is a $349.00 value for just $275.00

*Only available with annual membership agreement

Defense for Real Estate Industry

Special courses designed with the real estate industry agents, sales persons, and other workers in the industry.

Taking people that you don't know on tours of houses that have not been determined to be empty, or even long trips down deserted backroads can be a harrowing experience.  You never know if an uninvited guest is squatting or even hiding in the home that you are about to show.


We have focused these courses for you to avoid being harmed or attacked while showing homes.  Stay out of danger.  Learn to protect yourself!

Defense for Healthcare Industry

You're in an industry that is frought with uncertainty.  Many times, mentally unstable individuals come in to your facility with harming another in mind.  How do you know who you're dealing with?  What are they capable of?  Are you disallowed to carry a concealed firearm as an employee of your facility?  Have you contemplated what actions you will take in the event of an attack of a patient who happens to be waiting outside for you?

We know that you are in harm's way and sometimes when you don't realize it.  We teach you to react appropriately with legal use of force options taught by law enforcement nationwide!  Walk in peace.

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